A Tree Grows In Brooklyn

Somewhat ironically, this is my first “real-time” (rather than “from the archives”) book review on Lost in a Book. By real-time, I mean that I finished reading the book now, in July of 2010, and am writing and sharing my thoughts on it for the first time ever. Why is this (somewhat) ironic? Because the first book I’m writing about in 2010 has been around since 1943. The book in question is Betty Smith’s much-lauded, semi-autobiographical bildungsroman, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. . . . → Read More: A Tree Grows In Brooklyn

Angela’s Ashes

There is something particularly odd about finishing off A Million Little Pieces and then delving directly into Angela’s Ashes by Frank McCourt. These books would, after all, appear to have a fair bit in common. But there’s a reason why McCourt received a Pulitzer Prize, while Frey got a spanking from Oprah on national television.
. . . → Read More: Angela’s Ashes

Closing the Loop(hole)

For no reason in particular, in 2006 I decided that I would challenge myself to write up my thoughts on every book that I read. As I am a voracious reader but somewhat more reluctant writer, this exercise unsurprisingly collapsed after book #7. Now it’s 2010, and I’m going to give this another shot. This time, however, I will add the caveat that my goal is to write up my thoughts on every book that I read and about which I have thoughts to share. That should take care of that pesky loophole. . . . → Read More: Closing the Loop(hole)